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19:30 07 Jul 24
Thnkks tay
Kierra KimberKierra Kimber
18:02 06 Jul 24
Thanks again tayyyyy
Ebony JohnsonEbony Johnson
18:29 02 Jul 24
My favorite after I leave campus thanks tay
Shakara AllenShakara Allen
18:28 02 Jul 24
Great deals great product thanks tay
Tatyana HollowayTatyana Holloway
18:25 02 Jul 24
Thank you so much this place is amazing. I love the ambience. Thank you crispy
Damon PurifoyDamon Purifoy
18:17 02 Jul 24
Thanks tay
LaSaundra MillerLaSaundra Miller
18:04 02 Jul 24
Thanks again tay
john charleyjohn charley
20:12 29 Jun 24
Mike the best 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Brittney GordyBrittney Gordy
18:55 29 Jun 24
Tayyyyyy you the best
Otis BluntOtis Blunt
18:46 29 Jun 24
Tay you the best
Jay JonesJay Jones
17:23 28 Jun 24
Tay thank you
walter holmeswalter holmes
17:11 28 Jun 24
Tay helped me out I thank you again
Natalie ShersonNatalie Sherson
18:50 22 Jun 24
Angel was amazing 😻 not only is she helpful and professional but she's GORGEOUS !!! i will be coming back off her experience alone!!
Mijya WatsonMijya Watson
18:50 22 Jun 24
Angel was helpful and helped through the whole process ❤️❤️ definitely 10/10
robert halerobert hale
19:27 21 Jun 24
Thanks tay
Davionna TeamerDavionna Teamer
17:33 21 Jun 24
I had a great experience here top-tier place. Great quality product thanks tay
Malika MuhammadMalika Muhammad
17:16 21 Jun 24
Thank you again guys. This experience was one of the kind made me feel like I was at home appreciate it taycrispyy
16:59 20 Jun 24
Thanks tay we love you guys
Kawan WillisKawan Willis
16:02 20 Jun 24
Tay and x made my day so much better after my visit
00:35 19 Jun 24
I will be back here this place is everything I asked for they are always showing love and they are always welcoming . Thanks Tay
trisha parkertrisha parker
18:50 18 Jun 24
Tay you are so well mannered
Elizabeth StuttsElizabeth Stutts
17:22 18 Jun 24
Thanks tay
Bre HunterBre Hunter
19:10 14 Jun 24
Thanks tay and zariaaaaaa you guys are the best
18:59 14 Jun 24
Thanks tay
Shel ReedShel Reed
18:09 14 Jun 24
Tay you are great appreciate you
Brittney HoldenBrittney Holden
17:35 14 Jun 24
Thanks Tay and chandraaaa
Damon ForneyDamon Forney
17:41 12 Jun 24
One of the best places close to campus and I met tay crispy here thanks you guys for this experience
Kyla 4Kyla 4
21:46 06 Jun 24
I had an amazing experience Mika was so helpful
Christina HebelChristina Hebel
16:25 06 Jun 24
Angel was an amazing budtender!! Helped us out a whole lot. Thank you for the experience
derrick harrisonderrick harrison
01:14 06 Jun 24
Thanks tay and aya
Erinn PopeErinn Pope
01:10 06 Jun 24
Tay and aya was the best
Mariah HowardMariah Howard
01:08 06 Jun 24
Tay you the best
D'Nisha BrownD'Nisha Brown
00:45 06 Jun 24
Tay was the best ! 10/10
Daniel ManionDaniel Manion
16:46 31 May 24
Angel is an awesome bud tender. Awesome selection and great service. Our new favorite place best buds iv seen we loved Jake not from State farm and angel
Zach JarvisZach Jarvis
22:51 29 May 24
They have a great selection of quality stuff, lots of good deals too! Angel is great she helped me out last time but their entire staff is wonderful.
roc juneroc june
17:40 22 May 24
This place has a lot of options to choose from, and the deals are great Every time I leave campus, I go here and the customer service. Here is amazing thanks, Tae.
Eric WarnickEric Warnick
15:02 10 May 24
I met Tay Mr. reporting live, and it was amazing inside of this please I will be back after my exams I have to go study now thank you guys
18:33 30 Apr 24
When I first visited this place, I thought it was a bit goofy because everything featured the same guys face. However, after trying their products, I'm totally convinced—they could put whatever face they want. Everything has been fresh and incredibly smooth. Additionally, Angel offers fantastic recommendations and her service is top-notch, not to mention she has a cute smile. Overall, the quality of both the products and the service here is excellent.

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