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At Leaf and Bud, we offer multiple strains of medicinal marijuana cultivated to address many health issues including chronic pain, insomnia, depression and more. When you are needing natural relief, Leaf and Bud on Livernois in Detroit offers high-quality flower, top-shelf edibles and other products refined to heighten your path to healing.

Our next healing harvest is currently growing. Check back often to find out what strains we offer and how they can help you live life pain free.

Lemon Tree

Leaf and Bud Lemon Tree

When life gives you lemons, we say enjoy them! This citrusy hybrid with a slant towards indica has a bit of skunkiness to it, but offers tranquil, happy, relaxing all over relief for symptoms of chronic pain and inflammation. Leaf and Bud’s Lemon Tree has a variety of THC levels to provide the best dosage for you.

Banana MAC

Leaf and Bud Banana MAC

While this strain has terpenes of banana, this indica hybrid won’t have you swinging from any vines—just the opposite! Our Leaf and Bud variation let your creative instincts go wild while keeping you grounded, serene and relaxed for a long while. A good one hit wonder. Medicinal clients use the strain for help with insomnia, mood swings, chronic pain, nausea and appetite loss. THC 18.11%.

Girl Scout Cookies

Leaf and Bud Girl Scout Cookies

No need to dunk these cookies in milk to make them any better! This hybrid with a strong sativa slant is relatively new to the scene strain but one of our favorites to grow and offer our medicinal clients. Like a plate of warm cookies, this comforting strain is known to help with anxiety, stress and depression and is best appreciated near a comfortable couch for when it completely kicks in. THC 15.04%.

Pink Runtz

Leaf and Bud Pink Runtz

This cherry-berry, dandy-candy cannabis hybrid is a sweet treat from Leaf and Bud. Heavy on the THC, this strain helps release negative or stressful thoughts and pains and replaces them with a sweet rush leaving the mind and body tingly and sugar-coated. Don’t plan on focusing on anything after medicating with this strain. Not for beginners, but good for those suffering from PTSD, depression, chronic complaints and fatigue. THC 20.36%.

Meat Breath

Leaf and Bud Meat Breath

In the 70s there was Meat Loaf, today there’s Meat Breath. Known for its pungent, lingering scent of diesel, this strong indica hybrid brings on full body relaxation and often induces a deep slumber accompanied by sweet dreams. A positive experience for those suffering from chronic fatigue, depression, chronic pain, as well as nausea and appetite loss. THC 18.02%

Star Dawg

Leaf and Bud Stardawg

This established strain will set your mind and body on a gentle journey to another galaxy without leaving the couch. A little bit of this musky, noxious strain goes a long way, for a long time. Potent but not draining for treatment of chronic pain, anxiety and fatigue. THC 18.15%.

Cannabis bud

Lean & green

Leaf and Bud quality products are cultivated in our proprietary CropTower system, using pure Michigan water, the finest nutrients and minerals, advanced air systems and specialized LED-lighting. Our mission is to provide distinctive strains of cannabis, meticulously grown to conserve and protect natural resources.

For more information, visit www.futuregrowsolutions.com.

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