Stop in to one of our great locations today!....... Sign up for our loyalty program for great deals!....... Stop in to one of our great locations today!....... Sign up for our loyalty program for great deals!....... Stop in to one of our great locations today!....... Sign up for our loyalty program for great deals!

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Blk SunshyneBlk Sunshyne
20:58 07 Jul 24
KC always get me together
Malkeyia BellMalkeyia Bell
20:57 07 Jul 24
Good job
Inez WomakInez Womak
19:24 07 Jul 24
thanks tay and jes you guys are the best
Christina FieldsChristina Fields
19:22 07 Jul 24
KC is very informative and he possesses great costumer service skills. Every time I come here, for lack of a better word, I’m excited.
Lewis CogerLewis Coger
19:02 07 Jul 24
Chandra has great customer service n no her weed 😍
Britney GrantBritney Grant
01:54 07 Jul 24
Zaria had beautiful energy🫶🏾 Great sale
Egypt JacksonEgypt Jackson
01:36 07 Jul 24
Zaria, was the best rep ever she explained everything to us!!!
LaTa'via SLaTa'via S
01:36 07 Jul 24
Zariah was great! Thanks
joaquin ransomjoaquin ransom
00:55 07 Jul 24
This is a great dispo with great prices
Danielle HarlingDanielle Harling
00:42 07 Jul 24
Zaria was so helpful!!
Felicity ThomasFelicity Thomas
01:46 04 Jul 24
Sal helped he showed some fire weed
Judith BrantleyJudith Brantley
00:20 04 Jul 24
KC is the truth. I have been coming to your livernois location consistently for the last 7 months at least. He is always available and brutally honest. He can explain the products and makes the suggestions according to your needs not the price. He has saved me money time and time again. When I come I am looking for what is the strongest strand at that time. He will always point me in the right direction even if that means making a suggestion that is not as expensive. I truly only come to him. “Look for the guy with the dreds”.
Ericka DavisEricka Davis
23:35 03 Jul 24
Zaria was awesome! I love coming here. Best deals in the city!
Odalys CharriezOdalys Charriez
22:34 03 Jul 24
I love it Zaria helped me perfectly so nice nd the place so biggggg recomended💯
Marie DabneyMarie Dabney
22:28 03 Jul 24
Shop here !!! They have fire and great deals.
Bigg MacBigg Mac
22:08 02 Jul 24
I think her name was riley she was awesome! And had a nice MK watch lol
Leanora WeaverLeanora Weaver
21:09 02 Jul 24
Maria is the best. Very attentive and professional
Negell ChambersNegell Chambers
18:40 02 Jul 24
KC was a great help and got good customer service
Kim PossKim Poss
18:40 02 Jul 24
Bro always show love
Autumn WilliamsAutumn Williams
17:53 02 Jul 24
Thanks tay
kumail burtonkumail burton
21:55 29 Jun 24
Come shop with my boy KC if you haven’t already 💯
tierra wtierra w
21:06 29 Jun 24
Riley is the greatesttt!
alfred colemanalfred coleman
20:58 29 Jun 24
Can’t leave him, but and kc was the best bender ever gave me the best service ever will visit again
Cass W. CasucciCass W. Casucci
20:44 29 Jun 24
Kc is very professional and a cool guy
Kobi ArmsteadKobi Armstead
20:25 29 Jun 24
Boss GardnerBoss Gardner
00:55 29 Jun 24
KC putting in the work I’m coming back !!!
Gin SinGin Sin
00:26 29 Jun 24
Tamiko JohnsonTamiko Johnson
23:55 28 Jun 24
Stephanie JacksonStephanie Jackson
21:45 28 Jun 24
Kc the truth go see him
Brenna ReedBrenna Reed
21:44 28 Jun 24
Chandra has a very good personality n very nice n helpful
David SheppardDavid Sheppard
20:20 22 Jun 24
I'm particular when it comes to what I want from a dispo, so to be fair to Leaf & Bud, I'll say they may be your style. But they're not mine.I went in looking for deli flower, but they had none. Only pre-packs here. And when I asked for a list of what they had, so I could make a choice, I was told they didn't have one. How TF am I supposed to tell you what I want when you don't have a menu to choose from? They have good prices but this dispo just wasn't for me.If you like pre-packs, and a super loud, super chaotic ambiance, this may be the spot for you. Otherwise, don't waste your time.
Floetry IsMusicFloetry IsMusic
17:40 22 Jun 24
Great customer service with chandra
Lakisha McgillLakisha Mcgill
16:54 22 Jun 24
Had a very good experience with Chandra
16:16 22 Jun 24
Had Chandra this morning very patient n got me together ❤️
Daero Smith 32Daero Smith 32
08:07 22 Jun 24
Jamia TindellJamia Tindell
22:46 20 Jun 24
Not only did they steal money off my card twice they gave ne the wrong weed twice and didn't even do nothing just gave me attitude they they put the same weed in different packs
April JohnsonApril Johnson
19:56 20 Jun 24
Chandra at Leaf and Bud on Livernois is truth. When you need to get situated with good good see Chandra. I said that!!
Monika JohnsonMonika Johnson
19:39 20 Jun 24
Morgan HigginsMorgan Higgins
17:36 20 Jun 24
Thanks tay and Chandra
17:00 20 Jun 24
16:35 20 Jun 24
This place is so nice I can’t wait to come back thanks tay and x
Lakisha MaxwellLakisha Maxwell
16:23 20 Jun 24
Nice place nice people I will be back thanks tay
Xavier JackXavier Jack
16:06 20 Jun 24
Tay and X got me together and show me some great products my favorite is the two waxes alien pebble and LA Kush. My favorite flower is the Mark savaya. These guys are the best.
Janet WebsterJanet Webster
15:37 20 Jun 24
Hey I had an opportunity to visit leaf and bud today and chandra shandra was amazing customer service I had no idea about a lot of things she was open to explaining the details about my typical solution and a purchase that's gonna really help my authorities awesome thanks chandra thankly but
Ricardo WordlawRicardo Wordlaw
21:11 15 Jun 24
Great service and good product at a reasonable price. Nice atmosphere
Dwayne Major JrDwayne Major Jr
00:05 15 Jun 24
Rileigh was excellent and very helpful
Dominique McculloughDominique Mccullough
19:05 14 Jun 24
Thanks Tay
Shel ReedShel Reed
18:10 14 Jun 24
Thanks Tay you literally are the best
Donya ThomasDonya Thomas
17:42 14 Jun 24
Tay made my experience so much better and I will forever be a customer to this business
Joke KerrJoke Kerr
21:49 13 Jun 24
Yes had a beautiful sole help me today chandra
17:17 13 Jun 24
Good deals
Sharonda JohnsonSharonda Johnson
16:56 13 Jun 24
Chandra is good bud tender
Kennedi HurtKennedi Hurt
15:27 13 Jun 24
Chandra had great customer service ♥️
Bria GraysBria Grays
23:45 08 Jun 24
Jessica was really vibrant and respectful, also very professional while helping me. Great visit yet again!!
Cortez PopeCortez Pope
21:41 08 Jun 24
John is the best employee you guys have
Andrela GandyAndrela Gandy
18:59 07 Jun 24
Thanks tay for making sure we had a great experience
Joseph GoughJoseph Gough
16:50 07 Jun 24
Chandra n Marie got me together
Phillip Sims JrPhillip Sims Jr
00:34 07 Jun 24
Rileigh is so great 🤩🤩🤩
Ronald DowdelRonald Dowdel
00:27 07 Jun 24
Rileigh is the best budtender that I know !!!
Ashely RichardsonAshely Richardson
21:58 06 Jun 24
I love going here it’s a good place to go good costumer service go see Mika
Mu ddyMu ddy
21:05 06 Jun 24
Chandra got me a nice pen great customer service
nikki Smithnikki Smith
20:35 06 Jun 24
LaTorya HodgeLaTorya Hodge
18:35 06 Jun 24
Had a nice bud tender she new her name Chandra very nice n patient my card would not go through
Daniel ClarkDaniel Clark
18:32 06 Jun 24
Chandra was very patient when th me today thank u
John OliverJohn Oliver
18:32 06 Jun 24
Very great service from Rileigh! Thank you
Ashanti HillAshanti Hill
17:54 06 Jun 24
Thank you Rileigh for the great customer service and helping me find the best weed !!!
LaSaundra MillerLaSaundra Miller
17:17 06 Jun 24
Rileigh was so great and helpful !!
21:36 10 May 24
The staff here is so nice. From the receptionist to my bud tender X everyone met me with smiles and kindness. X was also very knowledgeable of the products which made the process quick and easy. Definitely recommend
Ciara S.Ciara S.
15:26 29 Apr 24
Draft week deals are amazing, leaf and bud detroit is killing the game. Happy everytime i come here. Received a free ounce and couldn't be happier!!! Thank you Aya for helping me this morning
Jeremy Uh OhJeremy Uh Oh
03:36 14 Mar 24
You guys gotta do better on them $3 pre rolls. I know they're cheap, but they're either too tight and don't hit or they run quick. They got stems in'em. I try to roll em around to get em loose so they hit, but the stem pokes through. Over the summer, they were just running. Now they're not hitting. These things are a waste of money if they aren't hitting. And what happened to the Gorilla Cookies or Green Crack in the Oz? There were some other well-known strains. Kinda sucks that they haven't been back around. Its kinda why I was coming to this dispo. Will those ever come back? Might have to look elsewhere. I like getting strains that I know. I'm not saying anything negative about your brand of bud as long as it comes from that Virdis Lab. We just really like those well-known strains that we can easily look up on sites like Leafly. I've actually had some buds from 3 different labs, and I really don't like the other 2 labs. The nugs just suck and don't have the same consistency in quality as Virdis. The only other thing is that some of your workers don't really have a good customer service attitude. Or they are moving too quickly and focus on multiple orders and screw up. You need people to make sure they go over stuff and pay attention and take their time. Its someones money you're dealing with. I swear I was up there, and the woman assisting me just had a bad attitude and felt like I was being rushed. It's almost as if she was just annoyed with my order because she kinda angrily handed me off to someone else. One dude was just sloppy with keeping track of things. But I've also had people who were good with it all. Overall, I don't think the dispo is bad but can do with some improvements.Let me add something, I have pictured 2 bags of the weed collection. They have the same label and code, but tellmey why there are clearly 2 different types of bud. You can tell just by looking, and I can smell the difference.Are you charging me that much for some mystery bud?? Not cool. I thought I was getting the same strain. Now idk what's indica, sativa, or if hybrids. Not to mention, I've been lied to on what was indica, sativa, and hybrids before. The one time I asked dude if he could get me a sativa wax. He gave me an indica. Ya staff should know this and not be putting different weeds in the same bags with the same label. The wax isn't consistent, and they often throw me this dark sandy crap. Or like below, you can see that one time, I got Gorilla Cookies. The new batch was dark and looks different. I at first thought the quality you had was good and then the $50 Oz went to straight garbage. Now that's not a thing. The bud is usually good, but honestly, quality can be hit or miss. I might give this dispo a little more time to get their stuff together, but if not, I'm gonna have to find a better dispo that isn't waxing the price. Also, half the stuff you sell, I can't find any info on it. I mainly use Leafly. And I'm not exactly saying anything bad about having different types of wax like crilumble, shatter, etc. A variety can be nice but when I have this nice yellow crumble and then that sandy brownish yellow looking stuff from the same strain, that's off-putting. Why is that so dark? I'd rather have the yellow stuff instead. Shatter is also nice. Even a lil bit of goop is nice.Consistency, quality, customer service, and known strains are what I think you need to improve on.
Corkney JordanCorkney Jordan
02:44 29 Feb 24
Dean came back!!! Hes one of the best! Thank you!
Kavon ThompsonKavon Thompson
01:24 29 Feb 24
Rileigh is amazing!!!!!
Aleiah SmithAleiah Smith
00:24 29 Feb 24
KC was very nice and professional. He helped me figure out what I wanted and was very patient with me. I will definitely be returning
22:38 28 Feb 24
Bud and Wax were exceptional but the platinum carts were tested last year and had a bad flavor to them other than the carts it’s a good place.
Sezst AmoraeSezst Amorae
16:32 28 Feb 24
KC was the absolute best. Most knowledge and handsome
Keana MarieKeana Marie
14:54 23 Feb 24
Edit 5/22/24Continued to give more chances against my best judgement. Now they removed the $10 8th deals. Gonna start shopping in Ann Arbor now. I am genuinely not interested in coming here anymore. It’s not worth the trip, the hassle, and the inconsistent business marketing they use to bring you in. Anything I used to come here for isn’t even here for the convenient prices.Edit 2/22/24I’m unhappy because I bought a vape with no cartridge inside of it, and I was also conveniently not given a receipt. One of the employees clearly took it and used the “no return policy” to their advantage. I will be checking the box in front of the cashier every single time I come in, to purchase a vape because clearly that’s what I need to do now. Seriously unfortunate as I’ve referred a lot of people here. I also was sold $65 bag which was the wrong bag for the $110 I paid for it.Mark Savaya collection is top tier! Travis Scott shopped here today before his concert so trust him to lead you to the best quality in town. My experience as a medical grower as a hobby allows me to really understand the work that goes into 30%+ thc products.I’ve never seen such a vast amount of cannabis in one store before. All the way up the walls on each side of this huge building, several varieties of company grown cannabis are available for affordable rates. By far the best deal I’ve come across since my journey began as a medical patient in 2015. Keep up the hard work y’all. The quality of the buds are also great as you can see the growers hard work through the frosty THC crystals. Will definitely be back!
Damaiya WestDamaiya West
19:21 20 Feb 24
I absolutely love this dispensary everyone is always so pleasant and they never miss with any of their products I would highly recommend them. Maria was my cashier and I’ve had her a couple of times before she is so pleasant and so sweet and always very helpful! She makes sure you get the right product for you and I love that about her, her customer service is top tier!
Joe Joe & Mommy LoveJoe Joe & Mommy Love
00:55 16 Feb 24
This place is amazing! Best prices and customer serviceI love Carolyn and Kay like love them!
Phyllis KizerPhyllis Kizer
21:55 15 Dec 23
Carolyn was so amazing ‼️‼️ she gives great service 🙌🏽🙌🏽 I’ll recommend her when you go in there ‼️
Ascend HairAscend Hair
15:44 20 Nov 23
Came in today and Kay was amazing. I always come here. But she’s always so sweet and very knowledgeable! Honestly, the entire staff is great. I’m not going anywhere else ❤️

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